My pocket conundrum

Putting stuff in my pocket…

My little girl is six-months-old. I tend not to put her in dresses and most days she rocks a bodysuit and trousers/leggings/joggers ensemble.

And more and more I’m becoming increasingly furious with the fact that her clothes have real, genuine, actually working pockets. My clothes – those of a 42-year-old adult woman do not.

Mine are stitched approximations of pockets, so it looks like I have somewhere to put my keys/wallet/bits of tissue/sweeties, but in reality, I don’t. I’m supposed to juggle all my essentials, or buy an entire new bag I have to carry around with me everywhere I go. Preferably designer, I guess. For the ‘gram.

However my six month old – who does not have keys, or a phone, or a wallet or… indeed anything that would require a pocket – is falling over the damn things. She has pockets EVERYWHERE and in almost of her clothing.

Putting stuff in her pockets

Seriously. What do clothes manufacturers think she’s going to put in them? And why do those same manufacturers thinking I don’t need a handy little place to store my crap?

Obviously, I googled to find out why women’s clothing doesn’t get real pockets and was treated to a number of theories – from the fact that pockets apparently make women look ‘bulky in problem areas, like the hips’, to not wanting to ruin the line of the clothes, to a conspiracy to make us buy designer handbags and the fact that it’s simply cheaper to make clothes without them in.

So I guess clothes designers don’t think my daughter is going to concerned about having bulky and unappealing hips, so it’s OK for her to have practical clothes with inbuilt storage?

At what point have these designers decided she’s going to be worried about her hips looking too bulky to be considered attractive? Her teens? Are designers really thinking ‘well, a nappy will make her arse look big, so bulky hips aren’t going to be a problem for her?’


I mean, I’m pretty sure that can’t be the case, but I have no idea what the thinking IS.

She actually has inbuilt storage in her jeans, but I don’t have a pocket to keep a smartphone in, let alone smuggle tampons discreetly into a loo without announcing to everyone in the universe OH HI I AM HAVING A PERIOD.

Just give us fucking pockets already.

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