To vaccinate or not to vaccinate – that is the question

No it’s fucking not. Don’t be an asshole. Vaccinate your kids.

There’s actually a measles outbreak in the US right now. Less than 20 years ago, it was thought the disease had been eradicated, and now – in 20 and fucking 19 – a state of emergency has been declared in one of the richest nations in the world over it.

A disease that’s entirely preventable.

Believe me, I hate taking my girl to be vaccinated. The letter plops through the letter box and my heart sinks.

When she was born, I promised her that I’d never let anyone hurt her. And yet, there I am, putting her in the buggy and scooting her to the doctor so they can jab her with needles.

Nothing makes me feel guiltier. She sits on my lap, smiling happily at the nurses and the next thing I know she’s screaming the place down. The needles look huge, she’s in tears, I’m hugging her and kissing her and holding her and trying to soothe her and the whole thing is just awful.

And yet. I’m pretty sure her getting seriously ill from an entirely preventable illness or disease would be a LOT more awful.

Those 10 seconds of pain and guilt suck, but they suck a lot less than Whooping Cough, Polio and Diptheria would.

I’m utterly bewildered by the anti-vax movement. Don’t get me wrong, I know that for health reasons some kids can’t be vaccinated and rely on ‘the herd’ for protection.

But to take the choice to allow your kids to be vulnerable to serious but utterly preventable diseases? To willingly put them at risk? That those children could pass these serious diseases onto the very young, the very ill and the vulnerable makes me so angry I could spit blood.

Yes, there are people who CANNOT be vaccinated. Kids with leukemia, with auto immune diseases. Adults with auto immune diseases. Tiny babies like mine who are still too young for some vaccinations.

And these people rely on the rest of us to be vaccinated, to protect them.

If you don’t vaccinate, you’ve broken herd immunity and countless people, including your children, could suffer because of it.

It’s fucking morally irresponsible to deprive your child – and by extension, other people – of a healthy upbringing.

I’ll never judge another mum for breastfeeding or formula feeding or picking a dry poo out of their nappy

But I will judge you to hell and back if you choose not to vaccinate your children.

Don’t @ me. If you’re an anti-vaxxer, I’ve got nothing to say to you.

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