In it to win it – it’s new parent bingo!

So you’ve got a kid. Congratulations.

You are now exhausted, terrified, tearful and sore and to top that off there’s a small, pink, screaming thing hanging around the place and it’s utterly dependent on you.

It’s scary as hell, being a new parent. And it’s a lonely business.


You might be falling over friends, family and well-wishers and literally having a tiny human that is never out of eye shot, but somehow you end up feeling more alone that ever.

Every snuffle, every cough, every whimper is cause for concern. Every poo something to be analysed. Every feeding fraught with anxiety and panic.

It’s not easy. Fuck knows that I’m still trying to work my way through it. But in the meantime, why not entertain yourself with new parent Bingo?


What do you win with New Parent Bingo? The reassuring knowledge that you’re not alone. That what people are saying to you, what you’re doing and what your baby is doing is more or less totally normal.


That despite people’s best intentions they’ll wind you up and make an anxious time even more concerning even if they don’t need to.parent

That there’s a myriad of advice out there, that Google will terrify and reassure you in equal parts and that no-one agrees on anything concerning child rearing.

It’s scary as all fuck, but you’re doing great.


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