This Paw Patrol fitness regime can help you burn some calories (probably.)

PAW PATROL PAW PATROL will be there on the double…

If you’ve got kids, chances are you’ve also got Kids TV. Despite your best intentions that you’d knit your own yogurt and your little angel would only eat organic kale and play with ethically-sourced, hand-made, non-toxic toys as you’re reading this I’m pretty sure they’re currently covered in orange Wotsit dust, chewing on a brightly coloured plastic toy and plonked down in front of Paw Patrol.

Oh, Paw Patrol. How I loathe thee. The bright colours. The idiot residents of Adventure Bay. The frustratingly catchy theme tune. The fact that a 10-year-old is somehow in charge of the town’s emergency services, which are inexplicably staffed by puppies.

The Paw Patrol

Initially, this was going to be a drinking game. But I’m scared of mum-Twitter (Mitter? Is there a term for this?) going mad at me for advocating being drunk and in charge of kids. Which I’m not, obviously.


So how about a Paw Patrol fitness regime, instead?

Here’s how it works. Print off the Bingo card below – or just bring it up on a tablet, what do I care? – and every time something on the card happens in the TV show, do the exercises it’s paired with.

Easy, right?



Of course, it should be said that a) I’m not a fitness instructor (seriously. My idea of exercise is walking to the fridge and back) and b) it’s probably a good idea to consult with someone who actually knows anything about fitness before undertaking any sort of exercise regime.

Still, if Adventure Bay can entrust their safety to a bunch of under aged dogs I’m pretty sure you can trust them to help you burn off a few calories. Or something.

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