Book review: Don’t call me Princess – Kate Evans

I’ve written before about how I’m after more for my little girl than a world of pink frills and handsome princes, so when this book popped up on my Facebook feed I couldn’t order it quick enough.

An extra bonus was a dedication from the author and illustrator, Kate Evans to my little girl, telling her she can be ‘anything’.


This is a high quality book to look at – glossy pages, fab quality cover – it feels and looks substantial in your hands.

But that’s nothing compared to what’s on the inside.

Evans prose turns a critical eye to the role of women in traditional fairy tales.

Through poetry and beautiful artwork she intelligently, skilfully and humorously dissects classic stories including The Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.


Evans pulls no punches in revealing just how these tales – told to young girls for generations – actually detail unrealistic and damaging expectations of what constitutes true love and shows how with a few changes, these fairy tale princesses could have been inspiring badasses.

In Evans capable hands, creepy princes and abusive suitors give way seamlessly to awesome women and offers uplifting and empowering advice for young girls.

princess2Through the pages they are encouraged not to hang around castles waiting to be rescued, but to make their own adventures, forge their own path, slay their own damn dragons and to believe in themselves.

Just buy it already.

Don’t Call Me Princess costs £13 and is published by New Internationalist.

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